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Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email or message the Cal Wushu Facebook Page directly. We look forward to seeing you all in March!



All competitors who make the competition team will need to have a US Passport ready that does not expire until, at earliest, February 2018. Anyone who has a passport that expires earlier may run the risk of not being allowed back in the country after the competition.

Universiade Competition and Travel Fees

All competitors who make the competition team will need to have a deposit of at least $1000 submitted within a week after they have confirmed their spot on the team. The remainder of the fee, currently at $1700, will need to be submitted within three weeks after confirming their spot on the team.

For Sanda members of the team, due to how late the team trials are and the date that the total sum is due to BTIE, competitors will need to submit all $2700 within two weeks of confirming their position on the team.

All fees to towards travel and stay throughout the duration of the competitors' time in Taiwan as well as team gear organized and provided by BTIE. Anyone who fails to submit their fees on time will lose their spot on the team and the spot will be offered to the next runner up. While the sum is currently at $2700, this value may change as we approach the start of the Universiade.

Runner Ups

If, at any point between the team trials and the actual competition, a member of the team needs to be replaced by a runner up, runner ups will be contacted based on their scores at the team trials. Such situations can be due to injury, failure to produce sufficient supplementary materials, failure to submit competition and travel fees on time, etc. Should such a situation arise, the runner up offered the newly open position on the team may not have much time remaining to submit his or her fees as stated above. Thus, it is highly recommended that runner ups have the same supplementary material and fees prepared so that if he or she is offered a position on the team, both materials and fees can be submitted upon notice.