Person holding spear mid-jump


The 2017 Universiade US Wushu Team is under the auspices of Cal Wushu, the oldest collegiate Wushu club in the U.S.A., established by Sifu Bryant Fong in 1987. Cal Wushu is part of the University of California Martial Arts Program. This project is supported by the non-profit organization, National Chinese Wushu Association of America (established 2008), Tiger Claw, and the Tiger Claw Foundation. The USAWKF has granted control of this project to the aforementioned parties by signed contract.

Sifu Bryant Fong described the 2017 Universiade US Wushu Team in Marching into the Storm: U.C. Berkeley's 24th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament by Gene Ching, in the July+August 2016 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi (page 16)

"CMAT is not only the longest-running West Coast wushu tournament, it is the longest-running Chinese martial arts tournament held at a major university. What's more, the Director of the UC Martial Arts Program, Dr. Russell Ahn, has worked as a special assistant to FISU since 2006 for Taekwondo. CMAT is the sensible choice to spearhead team selection.

"The World University Games is a significant development in wushu," comments Sifu Fong. "The opportunity to have collegiate athletes on the world stage at an Olympic level might inspire college students to continue their wushu career into college. Maybe we won't lose those good teens who quit in college. But don't expect the road to be easy. A lot of things need to be worked out. It's complicated...

"To get the athletes there, to raise money - that's the challenge. We're still raising money for the entrance deposit fee. Then we have to support the team - it's an 8 person team: 4 taolu (forms), 4 sanda (sparring). One member of the sanda team must be female. The taolu must be nandu level. I'm not a fan of nandu. What college even has the facilities for nandu? [nandu requires a special built-in springy floor and an expensive specialized carpet - ed]. Hopefully as this develops, host countries can change the rules.

In order to select the U.S. Team, CMAT will stage a team trial for taolu next year at what will be their 25th outing. Recent rule updates for Taolu at the Universiade has also removed the Nandu requirements.